Airomo for Mobile Publishers

Solutions for Native app and Mobile Web publishers

Contextual Relevance

Access wide variety of mobile friendly content and filter by in-app relevance. Control what you want it and when you want it.

Engaging and Native

Build engaging User Experience with contextual content. Manage the UI with 100% control, display content and ads in anyway appropriate to your app.

Highest Conversion

Run highest performing app install ads and app re-engagement ads. Build incremental monetization without compromizing the UX.

In-context Content

Deliver content and ads at the right time at the right users. Maximize user engagement with contextual content.

Contextual Content

Access millions of apps and billions of content from other apps. Fetch the most relevant content or apps based on the dynamic in-app moments.

Contextual Ads

Manage what kind of ads to display at every moment. Improve the relevance and format of the ads to make the user experience more engaging.

Get access to billions of mobile relevant content and thousands of sponsored apps and content

Engage and Interact with users to create new monetization opportunities

  • Relevance matching is done at the cloud for optimimal performance and speed up integration.

User Engagement

Utilize Airomo cloud services to interact with the users and to fetch the right content at the right moment. Build interactive user experience with search bars and recommendation buttons.


Easily add app and content search to your app or mobile website. Customize search for your target audience. Interact with the users with search bar and create new monetization opportunities.


Automatically fetch app and content recommendations based on user activity. Enrich the dynamic user generated content with additional relevant content. Create new ad impression opportunities

Airomo supports Apple app store and multiple Android stores

Search millions of iOS and Android apps (and APKs)

  • Search the whole store or specific genre. Search inside a specific app or a genre.

Highest Monetization

Small mobile screens make monetization challenging as is; the mobile ad networks make monetization even more inefficient and less user friendly with the random banner ads that pays poorly to the publishers. Utilize Airomo to either revamp your monetization strategy for higher revenue or add incremental revenue generation features.

Contextual Native Advertising

Airomo ads are 100% native with full control to the publishers on building the user experience. Airomo also enables publishers to control the relevance of the ads fetched.

Content Monetization

Monetize the existing content by enriching them with the most relevant sponsored content or sponsored apps. Get machine curated sponsored apps and content; on demand, to supplement in-app content.

App Discovery and Search

Build interactive app discovery experience and increase ad impression opportunity. Build custom app search or app discovery experience inside any app or web site. Customize the genre to search to add value to your target audience while improving monetization.

Rethink mobile ads

Focus on the engaging value-added content and UX. Monetization is merely a by-product.

Contextual Ads powered by Airomo App Cloud

A random selection of Airomo native ads. Infinite options to build your own perfect ad format.

Are you ready?

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