Airomo App Cloud

App Insight as a Service

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API access to Apps and content inside Apps

App Meta-data. App Deeplinks. App Discovery Analytics.

  • Fetch app insights on-demand; build engaging mobile user-experience and optimize monetization.

App Deeplinks

Understand what an app does and the content that reside inside. Build engaging user experience by connecting users directly into an app than to an app. Organically drive new users to apps and re-engage with existing users at the right moment.

In-App Content Search

Dynamically fetch relevant content from any app and enable users to directly navigate to the content source. Interactively search inside an app from another app.

Enhanced Relevance

Utilize in-app content to determine the relevance of an app. Augment app meta data and dynamic in-app content to determine the most relevant app for a given moment.

User Acquisition

Enable users to discover apps based on what they want and what the app offers. Enable higher quality user acquisition.

Seamless Navigation

Seamlessly jump from one app to the other with navigation and user experience comparable to hyper linked web.

Build Engaging User Experience

Utilize content from other apps and leverage your in-app content

Big-data App Intelligence

Airomo cloud collects, process and organizes app data from multiple sources to make meaningful interpretation of how apps are discovered and consumed. Airomo big data engine predicts app consumption patterns to present the right apps and the right in-app content at the right time.

App Meta-data.

Get access to millions of iOS and Android apps and their meta-data. Fetch the most relevant apps by explicit keywords or implicit in-app moments.

Discovery Analytics.

Get app recommendations based on user's recent interests. Customize app results based on user's discovery history. Match users to app consumption profile.

App Deeplinks.

Predict app relevance by what app does and the content inside the app. Search beyond app name and description; search content inside and deeplink them from your native or web properties.

Sponsored Apps.

Predict user's app needs and recommend the most relevant sponsored apps optimized for conversion. Access sponsored apps in native format to build engaging UX and incremental revenue.

Optimize Monetization without compromizing User Experience

Utilize app insights to serve the most relevant ad for a given in-app moment

App Cloud Use cases

Airomo app cloud enables native app and mobile web developers to build highly engaging and monetizable mobile applications and user experience. Airomo app cloud services can be rapidly integrated with REST APIs, iOS/Android/Javascript SDKs and easy to use web widgets.

Contextual App Advertising

Build conversion optimized ad experience. Airomo provides full control to the publishers on the ads fetched, offers ability to match the dynamic in-app data with the most relevant ads.

Content Monetization

Monetize in-app content by enriching them with the most relevant complementary mobile content. Fetch and mix sponsored apps relevant to the content to seamlessly monetize without jeopardizing UX.

App Discovery and Search

Build interactive app discovery experience and maximize ad impression opportunity. Build custom app search or app discovery experience inside any app or web site. Customize the app genres to search to add value to your target audience while improving monetization.

Organic User Acquisition

Reduce average user acquisition cost dramatically. Use Airomo APIs to access or Publish your deeplinks to acquire organic users looking for your in-app content. Enable Airomo to route users to your in-app content, for free.

User Re-engagement

Convert dormant users into active users. Re-engage users at the right moment, directly take users to the right content at right time.