Airomo for Mobile Developers

Mobile Content. User Engagement. Incremental Monetization.

Access to Content

Access to millions of complementary content from inside the other apps; from songs, to videos, receipes, locations and more. Fetch the most relevant content by simple APIs.

User Engagement

Build engaging UX with contextual content and inter app navigation. Identify complementary apps; recommend access to those app content from your app to achieved richer user experience.

Better Monetization

Control the ads shown inside your app with full control over the UI (100% native ads). Seamlessly analyze raw in-app data to deliver the most relevant sponsored app recommendations and contextual ads.

Dynamically detect In-app moments

Initiate engagement with the user

Initiate engaged user sessions

Offer users with value added call to actions

Add incremental monetization options

Present relevant but complementary app install ads in native form

Build infinitely possible user engagement sessions and monetizable actions

REST APIs and SDKs available for iOS, Android and Web Apps

Access all possible content from other apps

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