Airomo App Cloud

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Airomo knows all about all the mobile apps ever published

We collect and process billions of app related data in our cloud to deduce actionable app insights

App Metadata

App name, description, screen shots, price and all possible app meta-data are semantically processed & organized by fine granular app genres

App Deeplinks

Deep-linked content or the content available inside the app are pre-processed, organized and mapped as ready to use JSON schema

App Discovery and Usage Patterns

Inter-relationships between the apps and user preferences are learnt. App recommendation at the right moment at right users is made for better conversion

App Insights

Airomo synthesized app insights is available through multiple cloud based services by REST APIs and JSON responses

App Search Service

Access millions of apps and games with a powerful semantic search engine API. Cloud based search for apple app store, multiple popular Android stores and apk files. Customizable by granular app genres, rich results filters and targeting controls.

Content Discovery Service

Access and link content from other apps within your app. Search and discover different content types, such as video, tv show, music, recipe etc., relevant to real-time user engagement moments and deeplink them directly to your app.

Contextual Recommendation Service

Dynamically fetch, machine curated apps and games recommendation relevant to the publishing context. Build engaging user experience. Generate incremental revenue by interleaving sponsored and yet relevant ad units.

Native Ad Server Service

Fetch 100% native ads with full control to manage the ad user experience. Options to make the ads relevant to the dynamic in-app moment. Publisher side and Advertiser side analytics. Geo targeted native ad-units for all countries.

Improve Engagement and Optimize Revenue

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