Airomo for Mobile App Advertisers

Sustainable User Acquisition

Airomo is not an ad network

We are not focused on volume.

If you are looking to achieve high volume burst campaigns, we may not be your best partner.

We do not push banners.

If you are looking to disperse banners all over, you should work with the ad networks.

We do not advertise anything but apps.

The only call to action for our ads are download a new app or re-launch an existing app.

Airomo is a User Acquisition Platform

We help app developers acquire and engage users at a sustainable cost metrics.

Narrow down your user acquisition funnel

Limit your ad impressions to only where it matters

  • Achieve selective impressions, generate relevant clicks and acquire quality users.

Acquiring Right Users

Airomo is not optimized to achieve high volume impressions and push banners through multiple networks to get aimless impressions. We are optimized to identify the right users, right in-app moments to expose your app ads, when it really matters.

Contextual Relevance

Semantically determine in-app moments and match the most relevant app advertisement. Match the user's current interest with the relevant app.

Search Exposure

Expose the app install ad when the user is specifically looking for semantically related content or app. Match the user's needs with the right app.

Why should advertisers pay for Ad network Inefficiencies?

Reduce the cost of user acquisition by increasing the quality of impressions.

  • Signup for a sustainable user acquisition plan which guarantees the quality of the users acquired.

Managing UA Cost

Our mission is to lower to cost of user acquisition for mobile apps to a sustainable level. We rely on the technology to achieve that than the econnomy of scale.

No shooting in the dark

The cost of app UA is high not because of higher demand or lower supply, its because of the inefficiency in the ad infrastructure. Today's ad networks indiscriminately disperse a large volume of ads to get a small percentage of real interested users. Most of the wastage occurs because of irrelvant ad exposure and meaningless installs not motivated by the real need.

Moment based Targeting

Airomo uses its App Insights from its Big-data infrastructue and machine learning technology to determine the most engaging in-app moments and to match the most relevant app install ad that will catch user's attention. Airomo not only offers multiple order higher impression to conversion ratio, it also consistently helps acquire the users who are already looking for a service offered by your app.

Are you ready to try ?

Leverage Airomo App Insights to expose your ads to the right users.