About us.

Mobile is the next big thing, apps are awesome but ...

The majority of the apps cannot acquire enough users to build a successful business. It's unsustainably expensive to promote apps to get downloads. Very low % of downloads really convert to revenue generating users. It's easy to find apps that are popular and almost impossible to discover apps that are relevant and useful. There are some real pain points for everyone in the app ecosystem.

At Airomo, we build products and solutions to fix these app distribution problems and make the app economy sustainable and healthy, for everyone.

Developers and Publishers.

Airomo enables developers to build engaging user experience and empowers to optimize monetization.


Airomo enables advertisers acquire the highest life time value customers at a sustainable cost. No more ad pollution.

End Users.

Airomo makes consumers discover apps and mobile content that are truly relevant to their lifestyle at the right time.

Our rockstar team.

Ram Subramaniam

Business Development.

Ihor Mysak

Backend Services.

Dennis S. Gubsky

Mobile Development.

Pavel Shpak

Mobile Development.

Igor Skrynkovskyy

Backend Services.

Ivan Vetrov

Backend Services.

Girish Dharmaraj

Quality Assurance.

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