Monetize your mobile content.

Enrich your content with mobile relevance.

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Engaging content improves user experience and leads to higher monetization.

Engaged users raise app usage and create more in-app monetization opportunities.

  • Enhance your content with in-context app recommendation and related native ads, create incremental revenue stream while improving engagement and user experience.

Content Monetization

Dynamically fetch mobile apps relevant to your native content. Enrich your content with app curation or recommendations to maximize mobile user engagement. Insert contextually relevant native ads to optimize monetization.

App Recommendation.

Get access to millions of apps and their meta-data. Fetch dynamically curated app recommendation matching user's in-app moments and content.

App Search.

Enable users to interactively discover complimentary apps or games with Airomo's semantic app search. Create more ad impression opportunities.

Responsive Widgets.

Ready to integrate javascript widgets for mobile websites. Add contextual mobile relevant content to websites, reduce bounce rate of mobile visitors.

More Monetization.

Airomo provides ways to mix ad-units and engagement content to build incremental revenue. Build non-competing revenue stream to your existing monetization.

Augment interactive app search in your app experience.

Free customizable apps and games search for your audience.

  • Enable your users to search all or localized app store content at the right moment. Insert native search ads and create new revenue stream.

Custom app search.

Easily add app search to your app or mobile website. Customize app or games search for your target audience. Limit the search relevant to your in-app content or your market vertical. Improve engagement and generate incremental revenue.

Semantic App Search.

Powerfull cloud based app and game search engine. Millions of apps and games from all popular iOS, Android and HTML5 app stores. Rich set of filters to manipulate results to suit your target audience.

Simple Integration.

Multiple integration options for any genre of native apps and mobile websites. API access or white label cloud based apps or iOS, Android and Javascript SDK modules or ready to use web widgets and more.

Tracking and Analytics.

Track search queries, impressions and clicks. Measure and fine tune engagement and monetization. Track ad performance, compare and optimize with your other revenue stream.

Incremental Revenue.

Airomo provides ways to mix native ads along with the search results to create incremental revenue. Build and manage non-competing revenue stream to your existing monetization.

B.Y.O.A : Build your own ads.

100% native ads with in-app context matching.

  • Match user's in-app moments with the right set of ad-units. Build ads with contextually relevant content and seamless native UI formatting.

Contextually Relevant Native Ads.

Small mobile screens make monetization challenging as is. And the mobile ad networks make monetization even more inefficient and less user friendly with the random banner ads that pays poorly to the publishers. Fetch most relevant ads in native form and optimize conversion.


Airomo provides full control to the publishers on ads fetched on every screen, and offers ability to match the dynamic in-app data and the genre of ads fetched.


Nobody looks at ads that look like ads. Airomo provides infinite flexibility to display ads and helps to build engaging in-app ad experience. 100% native ads that are also relevant.

Higher Payout.

Airomo ads convert the best. Convert your content and user generated data into revenue stream. Make more revenue than any other form of mobile ad-units.

2 out of 3 users do not like apps with banners or full screen ads.

Ads are part of your app too, design your own and make them part of the content.

Contextual Native Ads

A random selection of Airomo ads. Infinite options to build your own perfect ad format.

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